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I want to tell you that you are beautiful
But I don't merely want these words heard
I want them felt by you
      Because you should feel as beautiful as you are
It's not just your eyes that make you beautiful
(though they seem to always invite my awe-struck gaze)
And it's not just your hair
(though the strokes of light in each strand illuminate everything around you)
And it's not just your smile
(though it reminds me to enjoy life instead of focusing on the struggles it brings)
And it's not just your voice
(which will always,
always sweep me away from my sorrows
and draw me closer to an unexplainable happiness)
Or even your hands
(though they sing my tension to sleep when I get to hold them)
It's your heart...what I feel from your heart is what makes you beautiful in my soul.
          And you are so,
:iconw0otx2:w0otx2 218 67
I didn't really like it when she cried.
I just loved the way it made her look.
Her eyes were always vibrant.
But, God—God, when she cried…they sparkled.
Her cheeks would turn that perfect plum, that dangerous shade of blue-crimson.
She would push her hair out of her face: in futility.
It would fall back, frazzled, crazed.
I would watch her, in her less-than-silent agony,
My eyes: absorbed, ablaze. Like a hawk.
Like a vulture.
She was so real.
So vulnerable, the conceptual putty in my hands.
Passionate, with her lips pushed lightly forward.
Almost in a kiss…
Part of me wanted to be that gleam at the tip of her eyelash.
A bigger part of me wanted to be the one to push the gleam, the tear, away.
But I couldn't.
I couldn't be the one who loved her.
I couldn't love her and be the one that made her cry.
It wasn't that I wanted to make her cry…
Really, it wasn't.
But, to me….
That was when she was beautiful.
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Thanks to Badzebra for making my lil duckling into my icon! *Hugs*

Also I would love it if you checked out my blog!

Thank you for all the kind comments and favs!


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